School day time changes

21st July 2022

As of September the school day at Lillington will be changing times. The government has recently released an education white paper in which it states that all schools are to ensure that the school week is 32.5 hours in length.

At Lillington we are pretty much at this length however to ensure we are definitely covering those hours I will be asking that all year groups have the same start and finish time.

So the school day will start at 8.45am and end at 3.15pm, these are the times that children will be expected to be in class ready for registration and will be coming out of class at the end of the day. In order to give children enough time to get around to their classes for 8.45am the gates on both the KS1 and KS2 playground will open at 8.35am.

Timings for Nursery and Maple are not affected by these changes.