Head Teacher’s Welcome

Lillington Nursery and Primary School is an amazing place for children to learn. I am privileged to be the Head Teacher here at Lillington, continuing our journey towards being a beacon of excellence in Warwickshire. As a team, we have created a safe, inspirational and exciting learning experience for every child, built around our values of RESPECT, HONESTY, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, RESILIENCE and TEAMWORK.  These values form the core of everything we do and we refer to them every day.

Core learning is the foundation of our curriculum and we place a high emphasis on this.  Being confident in reading, writing and using numbers opens so many doors and gives your child access to the widest opportunities in learning.  No matter what ability your child is working at, we ensure they have the right resources, the right level of challenge and the right support in order to develop an absolute love of learning.

Being inspired, excited, and having a real sense of curiosity is also key to children loving school and wanting to learn new things.  As Head Teacher I lead a team of staff who create interest, spin curiosity, develop reflection and open doors through which children may choose to enter later in life, while never losing sight of the standards they need to achieve or accepting anything less than their best effort.

My team and I work with the whole school community and welcome you to our school.

Mrs V Wallace

Head Teacher

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