At Lillington we recognise science makes an increasing contribution to all aspects of life. Children are naturally fascinated by everything in the world around them and science makes a valuable contribution to their understanding. 

Lillington Nursery and Primary School aims to teach our children the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to question and understand the world around them, equipping them with the motivation to seek explanations for these. Children learn the skills required for scientific enquiry and they will begin to appreciate the way science will affect their future on a personal, national and global level.

The aims of our science curriculum are to:

  • Ask and answer scientific questions
  • Plan and carry out fair scientific investigations, using equipment including computers
  • Evaluate evidence and present their conclusions clearly and accurately
  • Prepare children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world
  • Foster concern about, and active care for, our environment.

In EYFS science is covered through the ‘Understanding the World’ section of the Development Matters. Other areas such as healthy lifestyles are covered within the Physical Development section. The National Curriculum document for science sets out a clear, full and statutory requirement for all children. It determines the content of what will be taught, and sets attainment targets for learning. These topic areas are covered through mini projects in our Cornerstones curriculum. 

The elements of ‘Working Scientifically’ within EYFS are intertwined through the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ which are; playing and exploring, active learning and creating and thinking critically. In Key Stage 1 and 2 working scientifically skills and enquiry types are explicitly explored and identified within each lesson. We ensure all skills are applied and developed throughout their time in school.