Reception – Bevan class

Welcome to Reception!

We are taught by Miss Cook and supported by Mrs Mulholland.

When the children come into Reception we like them to settle in and become familiar with their new surrounding and routines. During this time, the Reception staff join the children in play and make informal assessments about where the children are according to the development matters document in the curriculum. This enables them to start to plan appropriate activities according to the children’s needs.

In Reception we have a balance between adult-led, adult-initiated and child-led activities. The staff are making observations all the time to record the children’s achievements as well as plan their next steps in learning.

Phonics is taught daily in Reception following Bug Club Phonics. You can find out more about phonics by clicking on the link below:

There are numerous learning opportunities provided for the children through an enabling environment, inside and out. Children’s learning is moved on at an accelerated rate to ensure they make good progress during their Reception year.

We not only focus on their academic progression through Reading, Writing and Maths, but our school ethos is about developing well rounded children who can be resilient in a range of environments. We ensure the children’s characteristics as effective learners are consistently taken into account in all they do.