Year 5 – King Class

Welcome to Year 5

The year 5 class is led by Mr Holt. We believe that Year 5 is an important stage of children’s school life.


In Year 5, the children follow the National Curriculum. English sessions are taught through the Talk for Writing approach. Children’s reading and writing will develop through reading, analysing and responding to high quality texts. Maths sessions follow the White Rose Maths teaching sequences and progressions. Mastery of maths through practical, pictorial and abstract experiences will ensure children have the deepest understanding possible.

Our foundation subjects (geography, history, science etc) are taught through the Cornerstones curriculum. This topic themed approach ensures children cover the National Curriculum through a broad range of exciting and progressive learning activities. In Year 5 our topics will be;

Autumn Term – Dynamic Dynasties

Spring Term- Sow, Grow and Farm

Summer Term- Groundbreaking Greeks

Children read for 30 minutes daily and their reading progress is tracked through the Accelerated Reader software. After reading a text that’s suitably challenging, the children take quizzes to check their understanding of the book they’ve read. The software then recommends a new, suitable book for them

In Years 5 and 6 children will have the opportunity to become leaders and inspire those around them. Taking on opportunities like House captains, sports leaders and Head boy or Girl. Further success is embedded, swimming a length, abseiling, knowing all times tables and becoming a master in maths.